China and India aid

Peni Qalodamu asked “where are China and India?” (Relief Aid – FT 24/2) in respect of relief aid for Fiji following Severe TC Winston.

My dear sir, both countries were one of the first to offer assistance to Fiji. China has extended $F213,675 with additional help in humanitarian and reconstruction aid. India had extended immediate financial aid of $US1million (about $F2.1m) along with medicine, food, tents and transportation to deliver materials.

Please don’t ridicule our international partners before doing a bit of research first. Your letter is a cruel slap on the face of those who are trying hard to assist Fiji from thousands of miles away while people like you sit comfortably in Suva and pen criticisms.

My prayers and appreciation to all those who are doing whatever they can to bring relief to my fellow citizens. You are all true heroes who don’t work for praise but simply because of the kind hearts you are blessed with. To China and India, please ignore a few short-sighted Fijians and know that all true patriotic Fijians value and thank you for your assistance.

To all our local and international relief/aid providers, may God bless you all. Please accept a very big vinaka vakalevu from the people of Fiji. Well done, champions.

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