Children help out

Children at Narikoso help carry rocks to pile on the beach to act as their seawalls. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

AT Narikoso village on the island of Ono in Kadavu, everyone plays a vital role in the protection of the environment.

One of their village by-laws is there is not allowed to be any lighting of fires in the farms or out in the forest.

Eleven houses in Narikoso are considered to be situated on an area now labelled as red-zone, seven of which ear-marked for relocation, due to the rise in sea-level.

While villagers are awaiting relocation, they are working together in trying to save what is left of their home and also prepare for the future.

For the next three months, villagers have agreed to sacrifice a week to build their own seawall. Already in the past half a century, a large portion of their land has been washed away.

Today a peg that marks the boundary of two landowning units is now located about 20 meters from the beach on the seaward side.

While villagers were building the sea-wall, children also helped out by carrying rocks and piling them up.