Child deaths cause concern

CHILDREN are in need of continuous and responsible parental care, love and mentoring, says Assistant Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Veena Bhatnagar.

She made the statement after concerns by the ministry on the reported deaths of four children last week alone and another one on Sunday. Out of the five cases, two allegedly drowned, two were victims of suicide while the fifth was a road fatality. The children were aged between seven years and 16 years.

Ms Bhatnagar said suicides, drowning and road deaths involving children were significant areas of concern for the ministry because such matters were preventable.

“These are very saddening to bear and hear. These children who died from suicides and from road traffic accidents have been denied their rights to their future destiny where they could have expressed their full future potential as individuals and their contribution to national development.

“Treasure the upbringing and supervision of children at all times. This is a priority that should not be pushed aside in the school holidays or whatever the festive event it may be. Family time should always be a priority.”

She said suicide by any means was a social issue and not a medical problem and it was therefore important that human interaction by the parents or guardians was vital for a responsible and positive parenting of a child.

“Children will not grow up with strong mentality or mind-set if they were denied their right to be loved, cared for, be heard and proper family life,” said Ms Bhatnagar.

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