Chief calls for home-brew ban

SOMOSOMO, Taveuni chief Ratu Jekesoni Yavalavanua has again called on the Government to ban the consumption of home-brew in villages.

Ratu Jekesoni claimed that despite appealing for the ban of consumption and production of home-brew in villages, nothing was being done to address the issue.

He said Somosomo and Dreketi villagers were now shocked after the alleged murder of a housewife over the weekend because the suspect was alleged to have been consuming home-brew from the previous day up until Sunday afternoon when the incident happened.

“Drinking in Somosomo and I know there are other villages out there; this is not a joke and seriously needs to be addressed,” he said.

“Traditional leaders need to make a stand and abolish this sort of unbecoming behaviour in their villages and homes. “Otherwise, we will continue to have gruesome murders claiming innocent lives.

“Issues that could have been settled amicably have ended in the murder of an innocent life because her partner was not in a good position to pass sound judgement.” Ratu Jekesoni said this was a sad incident.

Meanwhile, a statement from police confirmed that initial information gathered by investigators revealed that the suspect had been consuming home-brew with others on the day before and leading up to the unfortunate incident that claimed the life of a 34-year-old woman.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said unfortunately the consumption of home-brew only came to light when the alleged murder was reported.

“Police are pleading with members of the public that we need to take ownership of where we reside, whether it’s in a village, a settlement or in the urban centre,” Ms Naisoro said.

“When we notice something unusual happening, like a continuous drinking party, we need to be concerned because of the ripple-effects that could eventuate from it.

“Police cannot be everywhere every time and it is the members of the community who need to work hand in hand with the police to keep the society incident free.”

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