Chemical pesticide a concern

THE Ramakrishna Mission has noted a dependency on pesticide as an emerging issue for farmers assisted under their horticulture extension support services.

Supported by Australian Aid, the scheme was incepted in May last year and at present, it assists more than 100 farmers who are attended to daily by the mission’s agricultural extension team.

“Farmers have been dependant on chemicals pesticide and the idea of organic pest control needs to be implemented in the near future, on a wide scale,” the mission said in a statement.

Other challenges include the timing and availability of seeds for seasonal and selected variety crops, and land preparations not being conducted properly by the bulk of farmers.

The mission has also set up a cyclone-mitigation nursery and processing shed in Malolo, Nadi, to ensure consistent supply and production after natural disasters.

“Usually after natural disasters, there is a major shortage of seedlings, especially for quick growing crops.

“Seedlings are better than seeds as they already have established root system, leading to a robust crop in a shorter time.”

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