Chef wins award

A Fiji-born member of British Royal Navy Majella Vincent James Ah Sing received a timely boost to his budding career. This was after the able seaman’s hard work and impressive efforts were recognised during an annual medal awards ceremony at the largest Royal Navy establishment, the HMS Raleigh training centre.

Seaman Ah Sing, 37, is a chef on board the HMS Bulwark, which is on humanitarian mission rescuing immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

He was the recipient of the Keith Collick Memorial Trophy. This was in recognition for outstanding team work, naval ethos and morale during specialist catering services training undertaken at the Defence Maritime Logistics School .

The father of two arrived in Fiji shortly after receiving the award and could not stop thanking God, and his small family for their love and support when he was away from home for 11 months.

“At first I could not believe what I was hearing when I was relayed the news by my captain, the captain then asked me what did I do to deserve such an award, my reply was simple, ‘it was because of God’,” Seaman Ah Sing said.

“I received the news on July 27, while we were still a few days away from Italy and I had to be back in England in time for the awards ceremony on June 2, my captain and all my colleagues on board were all so supportive that I made it back to England in time for the awards ceremony.”

Seaman Ah Sing was cited for having: “Impressive team spirit within all military environments and proved to be an exceptional team player. Never afraid to attack any situation head on.

“Always undertakes every task with a smile and would give it his 100 per cent best.

“Demonstrated fully, the attributes that any aspiring naval chef should strive to replicate.”

Seaman Ah Sing returns for active duty on September 17.

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