‘Cheapest water rate’ in Fiji – WAF

WAF staff filling a water tank at the Ministry of Health staff quarters in Tamavua during a period of supply disruptions. Picture: FT FILE / ATU RASEA

In terms of safe, treated water availability in the Pacific, Fiji charges a mere 15 cents per 1000 litres – the cheapest option in the region.

This, according to Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) community engagement officer Alisi Senikuta, who was speaking at the World Water Day 2023 panel discussion organised by the Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation in Suva on Wednesday.

“For water in Fiji, as compared with our brothers and sisters in the Pacific island countries, Fiji charges the cheapest water,” she said.

“We are only paying 15 cents per thousand litres and we are billed every three months, which means we pay our bills four times in a year.

“Now, for us to generate this 1000 litre to our homes, we use up about $2.04 per thousand litres.”

She said in spite of the gap between production cost and distribution, WAF treated its water as per the standards of the National Water Quality Standards, which followed the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

“We do ensure that our Fijian citizens are having access to clean and safe drinking water that is treated.

“Developments are in place towards improving our ageing infrastructure and this is not new news, but just to advocate that WAF is doing its best to ensure all Fijians have access to drinking water.”

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