Changing times

In our prime we had so much fun with our friends.

We were engaged in lots of after school activities.

We were heavily involved with soccer and rugby camps.

We used to organise camps in groups of five for Scouts or just for fun, only to go out of our houses and have fun.

Discipline and respect was in our blood.

We used to swim, hike, bike and travel around.

Such was our unity.

When one falls down we reached to him and picked him up again. Never moved on without him.

Grog and beer were secondary. Talanoa and fun was paramount.

Those were the times when we were shy of our opposite sex and we had no cellphones.

Life was peaceful but full of fun.

Now since age has caught up, the only thing we have are memories.

Our friends have moved on. But when we do meet, it’s like all just happened yesterday.

We still got codes and their nicknames.

When we start rewinding in our gatherings, our kids just look at us with eyes opened and dropped jaws.

They don’t have any idea as to what they have missed or continue to miss in their lives.

It’s a pity that they only rely on social media, TV and cellphones to keep them entertained.

Can hardly see a kid on a bicycle nowadays!

Beer and grog is in huge demand today.

The nightclubs and the vatunuloa are full.

Not to hear jokes and stories but to drink and party.

The one that drinks the most got the belt to defend in the next session.Those good old days will never ever be replaced.

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