Changes to joint card

THE Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) has started rolling out FNPF/FRCS joint ID cards which include members ‘FNPF numbers printed on its rear side.

The fund confirmed that the change was made recently because of the various concerns and feedback raised by FNPF members on the joint card.

When the joint card was made compulsory and issued in 2013, it only had the tax identification numbers (TIN) eventually replacing TIN letters that were issued by then Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS).

FNPF general manager member services Alipate Waqairawai said their decision to include the FNPF numbers on the joint card was a direct response to feedback from members.

Mr Waqairawai said members had felt the need to have the FNPF number included on the joint card which is a widely-accepted national primary source of identification.

“Not every member memorises their FNPF numbers and in an environment where such things are important the feedback has been very positive,” he said.

Both FNPF and FRCS share a common database, which contains the necessary details for the issuance of the joint cards.

All the other details such as members’ balances or taxpayer details are not shared by the two parties.

The fund has also clarified that anyone registering as an FNPF member for the first time would be issued a joint card free of charge, with the FNPF number printed on it.

However, existing members requesting a replacement card, will have to pay the applicable $10 fee.

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