Change in time

We are in a modern world with the way we dress, eat and even ways of talking has changed dramatically. The other night just seating in the front porch looking out at around 9.30, seeing three girls in their 15s on the street with jeans and very short tops, admiring each other. Where are they off to at that time of the night? The streets at night are full of these teens mingling and roaming by themselves. What are the parents doing?

In the middle of the night I woke up and just needed some fresh air, to my surprise the streets are just like in the early evening with lots of teens around. I could still see a few singing and yaqona hands clapping from the other side.

It seems while the parents are enjoying their parties, the kids take it on the street. They must be both arriving home simultaneously.

Who are we to blame? We usually wait until a problem arises and we decide to act not knowing it is too late. Just time changing and people are behaving differently.

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