Change in diet

VILLAGERS of Viani in Cakaudrove have hosted more than 400 people since April for the God’s Healthy Living Program.

Headed by former boxer and singer Ratu Tevita Vakalalabure, the program has proven to be a success among patients who had lost all hope of enjoying life again.

Viani chief and Tui Navadra Ratu Jope Tuitoga is one of those who have benefited from the program.

“We invited Ratu Tevita to our village for this program because some of us went to Naweni Village for the same program and saw big difference in their health condition,” Ratu Jope claimed.

“I am one who heard about it and invited Ratu Tevita over so he has been here since April and the villagers provide accommodation for patients during their stay.

“After being treated under this program, I believe so much that it’s the food that kills us and the other unhealthy food we put in our mouths.”

Ratu Jope, after being healed from the strict diet, which included drinking seawater, was able to weed his compound.

“I could not believe it. I weed the compound because the lawn was in a mess from continuous rain and overgrown grass.

“But I still can’t believe weeding the compound with the caneknife because I couldn’t even bend my back and my arms were always in pain.

“I can walk better now and even run and from now on, we have all vowed to change our diet and eat plenty vegetables and fruits.”

Ratu Jope said the villagers also helped Ratu Tevita attend and treat patients under his guidance and advice.

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