Chandra wins golf monthly medal event

RITESH Chandra won the Coastal Rentals-sponsored monthly medal event at the Nadi Airport Golf Club course on Saturday.

Chandra carded 71 to win the overall gross title.

Arvind Chand won the overall nett title with a score of 63.

National squad member Zoheer Ahmed won the A Grade nett with a score of 68. Shiva Rajan was second with 69 nett while Lautoka Central schoolteacher Roneel Prakash finished third with 70 nett.

Shavil Prasad won the B Grade nett. He scored 66. Suresh Prasad was second with 73 nett while Balram was third with 74 nett.

Foodhall Supermarket director Pranith Chand took top honours in the C Grade nett. He scored 64. Sunil Datt was second with 74 nett. Prashal Chandra finished third with 78 nett.

The club members are requested to support the RC Manubhai sponsored Ba Open Championship this weekend.