Chandra highlights benefits of mediation

Resident Justice of Appeal Suresh Chandra speaks during the Mediation Open Day in Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND

MEDIATION is a cheap, efficient and effective way to resolve matters.

This was highlighted during an awareness session on services offered by the Fiji Mediation Centre through the Judicial Department in Nadi yesterday.

According to Fiji Court of Appeal Justice of Appeal Justice Suresh Chandra, disputes could be dealt with promptly through mediation and parties could also save time and money.

“The early resolution of the dispute reduces emotional stress and there is less documentary preparation than for litigation,” he said.

“Legal issues are separated from personal issues, reducing tension and making settlement more likely.”

Justice Chandra also highlighted the mediator was a neutral party who helped facilitate dialogue between the parties but was not the final decision maker.

“Mediators help people clarify issues, identify common interests, and assist the parties to reach their own solutions.

“The mediator does not impose a solution.”

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