Chand makes it to the Fiji team

Cakaudrove Kaji rugby winger Ryan Chand. Picture: ATU RASEA

Cakaudrove Kaji rugby winger Ryan Chand was on cloud nine after he was named in the Fiji Primary School Under-14 extended squad.

The Fijian boy of Indian descendant said he feels good to be named in the Fiji Under-14 squad.

“I love rugby and I am excited to be playing with my Fijian brothers. I will do my best to be selected in the team that will be playing in Tonga in December,” said Ryan.

Ryan’s dad Anand Chand said he was excited and proud of his son. “My son loves rugby and knows everything about the players, especially the 7s team. If they have to play early in the morning, he will set the alarm to watch the Fiji team play,” said Mr Chand.

Mr Chand said his family will continue to support Ryan. “If he has to play in Tonga in December my family will be there to watch him play.”

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