Chand: Learn about 3R

LABASA Town’s special administrator Vijay Chand reminded students that waste materials can be turned into valuable items.

While launching the Clean School Campaign at St Mary’s Primary School in Labasa, Mr Chand told students it was imperative to learn about the 3R — reuse, reduce and recycle.

“This campaign will also create the awareness of waste minimisation at schools, home and communities,” he said.

The campaign is to educate students to be responsible adults and to reuse all waste materials.

Mr Chand said the Clean School program was organised to introduce the 3R system to schools in an effort to give them an opportunity to start proper waste management.

“This year a total of seven primary schools and five secondary schools within Labasa Town area are participating in the Clean School Program and we have included two peri-urban schools this year.

“We at the council are working together with schools in regards to this program and we have given wheelbarrows, spades and digging forks last year to a few primary schools so they can start off with proper waste management system.”

Mr Chand said the 3R activities or beautification with the use of waste materials would be carried out in schools and have a direct impact on the entire community of Labasa.

“Among 3Rs, it is important to reduce the items we consume not to generate waste, reuse before throwing waste and recycle to reduce the waste going to landfill,” he said.

“We should remember that the process of recycling still needs energy and cost.”

He added the schools’ campaign showed the true sense of networking in partnership with the municipal council.

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