Chand floors Ligaitukana

FIJI Boxing welterweight champion Abhay Chand secured another crucial win of his career defeating Tevita Ligaitukana in the Kiran Boxing Promotion 10 x 3 round held at Tilak High School hall on Saturday night.

The Sigatoka-based boxer proved too strong for Ligaitukana dominating the first three rounds before Ligaitukana’s corner man threw in the towel at the start of the fourth round.

Chand said he wanted the fight to last long.

Inspired with the win, Chand openly challenged Sebastian Singh in front of the boxing fans at Lautoka.

He said he would drop his weight to be able to fight Singh.

“No one in my category can beat me so I am challenging Sebastian Singh,” he said.

“I can drop few kilos in order to fight him and to prove who is the real champion.”

singh said he would challenge if Chand dropped his weight.

Boxing Commission of Fiji West director Usman Ali Lale said the commission was ready to give the green light.

Full results:

Women 4×2: Anaseni Dakua defeated Visila Kolitapa (UD),

Lightweight 4×3: Jnr Wahid Khan beat Jnr Mukesh Chand (second round lTKO), super welterweight 4×3 Tevita Sete downed Abhay Annand Chand (first round KO),

Lightweight 4×3: Saimoni Mario defeated Rahul Aron Kumar (UD),

Heavyweight 6×3: Isoa Naruba wins over Ratu Epeli Naliva( sixth round, injury to Naliva TKO),

Super flyweight 6×3: Krishneel Prasad defeated Ronald Kumar (third round TKO),

Heavyweight 6×3: Jonasa Kavita won over Rupeni Nasaku,

Super middle 6×3 Jnr Vocia won by TKO after Josefa Duba’s corner threw the towel),super middleweight 8×3 Robin Hazelman defeated Matthew Michael (second round TKO),

Super lightweight 8×3 Ronald Naidu drew with Ratu Rakuro, main bout middleweight 10×3 Abhay Chand won Tevita Ligaitukana threw towel third round

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