Chamber pleads with public

THE Labasa Chamber of Commerce has pleaded with the public to support the extension of bus services in the evening.

Chamber president Satish Kumar said although bus companies had been positive about extending bus services in the evening, the public had not made good use of this.

“The bus continues to leave after 6pm, but not many people are boarding this bus because many return home earlier in the afternoon,” he said.

“The shops have opened until after 7pm and supermarkets close at 8pm or 9pm, but we need the public to work with us to bring about good changes for this town.

“If they keep returning home earlier in the afternoon, then shop owners might decide to close their shops early like they used to and we don’t want that.”

Mr Kumar said it was time that changes happened in Labasa.

“There is a lot of infrastructural development happening in Labasa and Damodar City area is being cleared now and these are very positive signs,” he said.

“It means growth and we can see this through the new buildings that are being constructed.

“But we need the public to work with us so we can make changes in this town and it’s about time we do this.”

The extension of bus services started last year on a trial basis and has continued.

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