Chamber against total lockdown

Lautoka City lockdown in 2020. Picture: BALJEET SINGH/FILE

A complete lockdown is not the solution to Fiji’s present COVID-19 outbreak, says Lautoka Chamber of Commerce and Industries president Pyara Singh.

He explained that since the reopening of borders in the Western Division, business and people’s livelihoods have improved significantly.

“With the opening of borders there has been improvement in the business sector,” he said.

“The lockdown is not a solution to our present COVID-19 virus.

“It should be everybody who must be committed to eliminating the virus from Fiji.

“The Ministry of Health is doing its best and people should follow the Ministry of Health’s guidelines as advertised in the daily media.”

He said lockdowns brought about widespread panic.

“People rush to supermarkets and crowd these shops and are panic buying.

“With the reopening of the borders there has been very little crowd in most supermarkets.”

He said the vaccine also played an important role in Fiji’s return to normalcy.

“We acknowledge that the vaccine programs are vital and necessary to contain the virus and the chamber supports it.

“Everyone should do their best to get vaccinated.”

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