Cessna 172: Government recognises Labasa firefighters’ bravery

Fiji's Minister for Local Government Parveen Kumar with the fire fighters who were part of the Cessna 172 operation team at the Delaikoro mountain range. Picture: FILE/SERAFINA SILAITOGA

SIX National Fire Authority officers were recognised this morning for their heroic actions of retrieving the bodies of the late pilots – Iliesa Tawalo and Merelesita Lutu – from the Delaikoro mountain range.
In awarding them with Certificates of Recognition at the NFA station in Labasa, Minister for Local Government Parveen Kumar thanked the boys for their bravery.
He told the men that their actions had proven that the NFA team consisted of heroes who were brave enough to rescue people in times of disaster.
Mr Kumar said the training some of them attended in Japan had benefitted the community.
The two late pilots died as a result of the Cessna 172 plane crash on March 26 early this year.
The fire officers who were involved in the mission are:

1. Janendra Lal
2. Jabez Petueli (represented by her mother at the ceremony)
3. Norman Francis.
4. Abele Matai
5. Pauliasi Rokosoni
6. Sonil Lal

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