Cessna 172: Closure at last

Update: 10:33PM WHILE they were shocked to receive the news, Emosi and Adi Moala Lutu said they were happy the wait to establish the fate of their youngest child was over today.

Merelesita Lutu a 20 year old was one of two pilots who perished on Pacific Flying School Cessna 172 on Monday during a routine training flight to Vanua Levu.

Adi Moala said she last spoke to her daughter after 10am on Monday morning as the trainee pilot was on the tarmac of the Labasa Airport at Waiqele.

Her ‘baby’ was asking her to call ahead to Savusavu airport, her second destination in a Nadi-Labasa-Savusavu-Nausori training frlight.

“She wanted me to call our relatives in Savusavu because she wanted to know what the weather was like over there,” Mrs Lutu said.

Upon being told it was raining heavily and more showers were expected, the trainee pilot told her mother they would fly over the rain clouds onto Nausori.

Mrs Lutu found out from a relative after 5pm that afternoon her daughter was lost when reports surfaced of the disappearance of the Cessna 172 aircraft.

Merelesita and her training instructor Iliesa Tawalo perished on the Delaikoro mountain range, an area aviation experts interviewed by The Fiji Times described as being hazardous for pilots.

The two aviators were found by search parties this afternoon and the news was relayed to their families of their demise a little after 5pm.

More details in tomorrows The Fiji Times.

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