Centre for beggars

THEY describe themselves as typically homeless people who live by asking for money or food.

Different approaches and techniques have been used by government as they try to find ways to assist homeless people.

Ministry of Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation permanent secretary Dr Josefa Koroivueta said they signed an agreement with the Church of Nazarene, whereby a rehabilitation and development centre was under construction for beggars who were mentally challenged and homeless.

He said the agreement aimed to provide homeless people with basic care needs and medical care and to provide opportunities for skills development, income generation and employment to them.

“The ministry will capitalise on its Welfare Graduation Programme that has budgetary allocation of $500,000 and aims to empower able-bodied welfare recipients into the workfare.

“The ministry has also visited 13 organisations trying to address this issue in partnership with faith based organisations, NGOs and existing networks as well,” Dr Koroivueta said.

He said the department assisted almost all of those who had been profiled, scoping the best possible ways to remove them from the streets.

Dr Koroivueta said they informed the families of the victims to look after their loved ones so they do not become homeless and resort to begging.