CCTV cameras for town

THE Labasa Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to the installation of six closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) to heighten security in the town’s central business district.

Chamber president Satish Kumar said existing cameras had assisted police in the successful solving of crimes and added that more cameras could help them even further.

“The existing cameras were part of a Northern Duavata Crime Prevention Carnival project,” he said.

“They were installed last year and police managed to solve more than ten crime cases through the use of these cameras. We had a break-in at one shop on the main street that was captured on camera, in another case a guy was beaten up in front of a nightclub and was hospitalised and there are other cases, the details of which I cannot reveal. These alone show that these cameras are doing a remarkable job.” Mr Kumar said the carnival committee’s main priority was always the safety of the community and the use of technology would make the work of police easier.

“The cameras will be able to capture traffic along town areas, every corner of the town and even back roads.

“And police will be able to respond quickly to crimes as and when they happen by monitoring every movement in town from a screen in their office.”

Mr Kumar said apart from the use of CCTV cameras, they needed support from the community to fight crime. “Let’s all be eyes and ears for our police officers and help build a safe community for everyone.”

In an earlier article, Northern divisional police commander Senior Superintendent of Police Verani Nakauyaca confirmed the installation and use of CCTV cameras.

“Yes, we now have CCTV cameras in Labasa Town and we have a screen at our operations centre where we have officers monitoring,” he said.

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