Cavuraka increases seizures

Update: 3:25PM A POLICE operation to fight the drug trade continues to record increased seizure.

According to the Fiji Police Force statement, “Operation Cavuraka 2” which translated means to uproot began on began on March 1. 

“There has been continuing increase in seizure of drugs in the four divisions,” the Police statement said.

“In total police have sized 5406 green plants, 146 branches, seized 572 sachets, intercepted 416 parcels and seized two hard drugs.” 

Below is the breakdown:

  • Western Division:  Green Plants 2720/Sachets 204/Parcels 280
  • Southern Division: Green Plants 418/ Branches 42/ Sachets 166/ Parcel 8/Hard Drugs 2
  • Eastern Division: Green Plants 322/Branshes 104/Sachets 126/Parcel 16
  • Northern Division: Green Plants 1846/ Parcel 2

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