PEOPLE: ‘Football is my life’

Being raised in a poor family has its fair share of trials and tribulations. Some wilt under pressure, succumbing to peer pressure and end up on the wrong side of the law; other’s even go...

29th May

PEOPLE: Bibi content with life

Sitting pertinently with her ware inside the Laqere Market smiling at passersbys, Nisar Bibi shows people that she is content with life no matter the circumstances. Ms Bibi is one of the first few market vendors at the Laqere Market to book a vendor’s table at the newly built market — a treasured moment for...

28th May

Shanil’s struggle: Make-up artist turns hobby into career to survive

After being forced to leave his home because of his sexual orientation, Shanil Kumar was determined to make something of his life. Being disowned by family marked the beginning of a difficult journey which eventually led to success for the aspiring young make-up artist. Kumar said pervasive discrimination negatively impacted all aspects of his life....