Letters To The Editors

16th January

Letters to the Editor – Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Give her time IN all fairness to the Minister for Local Government, I think we need to give her some space to settle in and bring herself up to speed with the current state of...

15th January

Letters to the Editor – January 15, 2019

Good reporting Thumbs up to our number one newspaper for all the heart-touching stories in the build-up to the academic year! The rush for back-to-school shopping, the unseen struggles of our needy parents, the assistance provided by our kind Samaritan, Sikeli’s article titled Road safety first, our PM’s message that dreams start with education and...

14th January

Letters to the Editor – January 14

Tabadamu 7s champions The Tabadamu sevens team once again proved themselves in their own tournament after beating Police in the final. I believe Tabadamu were the best in 2018 and are again starting to dominate sevens rugby in the country. Congratulations Tabadamu. Tomasi Boginiso Nepani Rd, Nasinu Truth and accountability I would like to thank...

11th January

Letters to the Editor – January 11, 2019

7s rugby family It was nice to read that the Mocenacagi brothers, Sevu and Isoa would be fighting hard during the remaining national 7s training sessions to book a spot in the 7s team for the second leg. Since making his debut Sevu has shown a lot of maturity and has become a vital member...