From The Crowd

20th January

Relief for RSE workers

A group of Tongan seasonal labourers stranded in New Zealand can continue to work until a flight is available to take them home, their employer said. About 70 labourers from the Pacific Island kingdom were scheduled to return home yesterday but...

19th January

Opinion: Politics of free education

It’s back! This year Papua New Guinea (PNG) will implement another fee-free education policy. In June 2021, the government announced that, for the fifth time in PNG’s history, parents will no longer have to pay school fees to send their children to school. This new policy is a significant backflip for Prime Minister James Marape’s government; in 2019 Marape announced the abolition of the...

18th January

Opinion: Policing in a relational state

Police in Papua New Guinea (PNG) generally cop a fair share of criticism. This is particularly true in my area of research, sorcery accusation related violence (SARV), where police are often unwilling or unable to intervene – and sometimes even the instigators of violence. Yet, during my research, I regularly came across cases where – miraculously given the lack of resources – police...

16th January

Verevere good: Sons return to save way of life and the planet

As the first cyclone of the season arrived in the South Pacific this month, a village hard hit by the infamous Category 5 Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016 has strengthened its defence against climate change and welcomed back its youth in a renewal of a pledge to embrace stewardship of the Earth. The youth of Verevere...