Editors Comment

20th January

Editorial comment: The key is with us

In its briefing on Tuesday afternoon, the Ministry of Health reported 52 deaths they determined to be related to COVID-19. It noted that as experienced in the second wave, adverse health-seeking behaviour and significant co-morbidities...

19th January

Editorial comment: Advice after Saturday’s eruption

In the aftermath of the massive volcanic eruption in Tonga on Saturday, we have been inundated with advice and safety tips. Understandably, there may be some of us who will wonder why when we are hundreds of kilometres from the Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano. The BBC reported at the time of the eruption: The US and...

18th January

Editorial comment: Learning through experience

The revelation that sulphur dioxide (SO2) concentration in the atmosphere had increased overnight, which could result in acidic rainfall over the Fiji group, is cause for concern. This was confirmed by the Department of Environment yesterday based on the satellite image data. Members of the public are being urged to cover all household water tanks...

17th January

Editorial comment – Lessons on our roads

Sometimes, in our busy lives, we unintentionally forget some important moments in time. Perhaps we just need to sit back sometimes, and reflect on how far we have come, or moved on. Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, there were other issues that were part of our lives last year. They served as major obstacles that...

15th January

Editorial comment – Encouraging news

The revelation that COVID-19 test positivity among tourists remains low is encouraging. Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya confirmed this. He reiterated Government’s position that it does not view hotels as major drivers of transmission. Tourist arrival numbers for January, he said, had not changed. “Most people find Fiji a wonderful destination to come to,” Mr Koya...