Catch Tofiga’s ‘medicine’ for the soul in Suva tonight

Some members of the Fiji Times newsroom gather around Samoan comedian Tofiga Fepulea'i in Suva today. Picture: LOSALINI VUKI

LAUGHTER is a good medicine for the soul.

Samoan comedian Tofiga Fepulea’i made this remark in a humorous, yet so serious kind of way, in a short chat with The Fiji Times newsroom staff today during his courtesy visit to Butt Street in central Suva, Fiji.

Tofiga, originally a part of the acclaimed duo ‘The Laughing Samoans’, acknowledged the work and support that the Fiji Times team had done and continue to do for WOWS Kids Fiji.

He will be performing his first solo act ‘I Gan’t Belive It’ in Suva tonight at the FMF Gymnasium, largely part of the WOWS Kids Fiji 10th anniversary celebrations.

“Thank you for your support for the many years as I was in ‘The Laughing Samoans’, and now with my own solo career, thank you for enjoying the stuff that we do,” Tofiga said.

“I know a lot of you access YouTube, Fresh TV, the Coconet and just having your comments on the videos that we do is just a reminder that it’s more than just entertainment.

“It’s nice to know that my little part in this world is to bring a bit of medicine no matter the hard times you’re going through.

“At least we know that when we sit down around a ‘kava’ bowl, have some grog, we have a good laugh and enjoy each other’s fellowship, and whether we don’t have a lot of money or hardly any food but at least laughter helps us to come together and forget about the hard times.”

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