Casual wear for students

STUDENTS should be allowed to wear casual clothes to school for the time being if uniforms are not available.

That is the call from Government as most schools resume classes today.

In a statement, Government has asked schools around the nation to understand the challenges being faced by those students resuming classes after the devastation caused by Severe TC Winston.

“It is important for school managements, principals and staff to be flexible because the situation is far from normal. Some students may not be in a position to wear uniforms and may have also lost books and other items during the cyclone,” the statement said.

“Teachers should also take into account the fact that for many young people, Cyclone Winston may have been a traumatic event and it is important to be understanding and compassionate. Parents and students are urged to examine the accompanying list of schools (refer to pages 24, 25) that will be open from tomorrow (today) and assume responsibility to attend classes at the normal time.”

Parents of students whose schools have been destroyed or forced to close are urged to ensure that proper arrangements are made for them during the day while essential repairs are carried out.

The Government is pleading with every Fijian to cooperate fully in this national effort.

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