Cash for pensioners

Soon after the 2017-2018 National Budget was announced, there were letters written by a couple of people regarding the civil pensioners.

One writer went along to write that pensioners are forgotten.

For myself, I am a civil pensioner and I do not need to write my letter to any other authority.

Whenever I need assistance regarding pension for civil pensioners I either make a phone call and enquire from the efficient and hardworking staff members at the pension office or I wait patiently for any outcome.

On Saturday (08/07/17) while reading through one of the dailies, I could see that civil pensioners are not forgotten, but Government has given them 15 per cent rise to their pension.

I understand that many of us civil pensioners have worked hard for many years.

For a number of years gone past, our COLA ( cost of living adjustment) has been abolished.

In the past when COLA was effective we usually received 3 or 4 per cent cost of living adjustment according to our rise.

Remember, this government has given civil pensioners a good sum of increase not in the form of COLA, but directly to their pay.

As far as I could recall the current government has given two rises of 20 per cent each in previous years and now this one the third rise of 15 per cent.

We could say we are having 55 per cent rise in our pension from the current government.

We are not forgotten, but government is doing its best and trying to assist us plus every citizen of Fiji.

I wish to thank the Prime Minister Mr Bainimarama and Minister for Economy Mr Sayed-Khaiyum for listening to our budget submission and giving the 15 per cent increase.

God bless Fiji.

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