Carnival to help fund more CCTV cameras

FUNDS raised at this year’s Digicel Duavata Northern Crime Prevention Carnival will be used to purchase more CCTV cameras for Labasa Town.

Carnival committee chairman Satish Kumar, who also heads the Labasa Chamber of Commerce, said the CCTV cameras had helped police with investigation works.

“The presence of cameras in town has reduced the crime rate in the area and the chamber has been informed of this,” he said.

“It’s a positive development for the town because it protects not only the business community but the public as well.

“There have been cases of robbery or damaging property in the town area and police have referred to the CCTV cameras to find the culprits and we are blessed to have this.”

The carnival, which starts this weekend, is expected to draw a huge crowd.

“The past carnivals have been successful and the support from the Fiji Police Force and the public had made it a success.

“We expect a huge crowd this year at the carnival and our messages and promoting the importance of fighting criminal activities remains a priority.

“The funds raised will also fund other projects for communities who need assistance.”

The carnival, which will be held at Subrail Park (ground 2), will see the participation of seven queens, five kings, four teens, five princess contestants and five contestants for the Priscilla crown.

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