Carnival to foster unity

THE successful launch of the Hidden Paradise Vodafone Carnival 2017 is evidence of the greater things that can be achieved if people work together.

Savusavu Town special administrator Vijay Chand made the comment while addressing the people of Savusavu during the launch of the carnival on Monday night.

Mr Chand said the launch marked another milestone in the town’s achievements and he lauded the work of the carnival’s organising committee.

“Indeed Savusavu is a place to admire and the town’s major strength is the idyllic location and the friendliness of the people,” he said.

“Government is committed to seeing that Vanua Levu undergoes rapid expansion within a very short time.

“This year we have extended the carnival to five days for many things to co-exist, including the opportunity for investors to consider investing in the Hidden Paradise.

“The carnival is seen as an opportunity to facilitate large turnover of trading for business houses in Savusavu.”

Mr Chand said the carnival was considered the necessary leverage for the much-needed economic opportunity that was crucial to put the town on a faster track.

As the chairperson of carnival’s organising committee, Mr Chand said the event would begin on July 25 and everyone in Vanua Leu was welcome to be part of it.

Major sponsors Vodafone Fiji has given $15,000 for the carnival.

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