Carnival focuses on environment

The seven beauties vying for the Vodafone Miss Coral Coast crown. Picture SUPPLIED

TEACHERS, parents and community leaders should bring climate change discussions into classrooms, homes and communal gatherings.

This was the word from deputy speaker of Parliament Ruveni Nadalo at the opening of the Vodafone Coral Coast Carnival in Sigatoka on Saturday.

“Our environment is our responsibility is a very fitting theme for the Sigatoka Town Council and the entire nation,” he said. “We just have to look around and talk to our elders and ask them what differences in our environment they have seen.

“Recently we have seen many villages coming under water, coconut trees being seen in the sea and photos of volleyball courts in the sea which used to be on dry land. “Climate change is caused by humans and only humans can bring out a change in our attitude towards further damage.

“I urge all stakeholders, teachers and parents to take this subject very seriously and teach our people to do the right thing.”

Funds raised during the week-long pageant will be used for the beautification of Sigatoka Town and also for the construction of two public conveniences at Kedrakulu Park and Children’s Park.

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