Car race success

LAST Sunday’s Drag Wars was hailed a huge success with more than 350 people present to witness the race at the Nanuku Aerodome (Taunovo Airstrip) in Deuba.

Fiji Car Club executive Sandeep Prakash said the response from the participants and the spectators was positive.

“Our executives were really impressed with the response from the patron and participants,” he said.

“We had around 350 patrons who came and visited the arena on the day.

“Winners for the day: Class A-ZYPHRE, CLASS B-2TEAZU, CLASS C-HO 472, CLASS D-BT 070, CLASS E-TK 55 and CLASS F-EVL ME.

“After winning their respective class the winners went head to head with each other and the result was rated as the best three of the day

“Overall winner 1st-EVL ME, Overall winner 2nd-BT 070 and Overall Winner 3rd 2TEAZU.”

Prakash said their sixth event of the year would be a quarter-mile drag race next month.

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