Car club hosts fifth event in Deuba

TODAY’S drag wars would be the Fiji Car Club’s fifth event of the year.

And they are anticipating more than 30 cars for the event that would be held at Nanuku Aerodome (Taunovo Airstrip) in Deuba.

Club executive Sandeep Prakash said their previous events of the year — quarter-mile drags and car shows were really successful.

He said participants were asking for more events and so this time, it would be war on the tracks.

“We had drag wars previously and participants and spectators look forward for this event very vigorously,” Prakash said.

“Since we had announced for drag wars we had a lot of response for participation and we expect more than 35 participants on Sunday.

“In a drag war we will have two cars running side by side simultaneously in their respective categories.”

Prakash said this time there would be five extra categories in the event.

“This time we will have 13 categories, five more than the previous drag war, including an open diesel category and ladies open category.

“The club executive’s appeals to car enthusiasts not to practice street racing and to come and join the Fiji Car Club and show their driving skills on the track rather than on the street where lives are endangered.

Gates to the event venue would open at 10.15am tomorrow.

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