Car blast kills two

BEIRUT – Two people were killed when a car exploded in the town of Qamishli in northeastern Syria on Saturday, around 10 days after local security services warned about a possible attack, a Syrian Kurdish official said.

The media officer for Kurdish internal security force, the Asayish, Abdallah Saadoun, told Reuters the vehicle exploded in a car wash. One of the dead was a car wash worker and one was a Kurdish YPG militia fighter who was nearby, Mr Saadoun said.

The YPG controls swathes of northeastern Syria including most of Hasaka province where Qamishli is.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said two people died and at least five were injured in the blast. Syrian state media said five people died in the explosion.

Mr Saadoun said the Asayish had warned citizens more than 10 days ago about a car which might enter the area carrying explosives.

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