Captured on CCTV

A FAMILY in Lautoka had their home broken into and the break in was captured on their CCTV.

That robbery captured on CCTV occurred at 11am or thereabouts.

The thief would have known about the residents’ movements and pounced when he had the opportunity.

He may have been staking out the place.

What amazed me was how the thief sat on a chair and patted the homeowner’s dog and walked around nonchalantly.

So folks, may I suggest that when you are at home please do keep a watchful eye out for people loitering and looking innocent around your vicinity.

The most innocent are usually the most dangerous, because they make you feel at ease.

When we lived at Mohan St in Lautoka, I often noticed young men sitting at what is the lower end of the Lautoka golf course.

They would look like they were cleaning their cassava plantation. But I knew the plantation belonged to people I knew and thus I was aware of their presence and intention.

A few homes were broken into and one was ours. We had let our guard down, but never again.

And I believe another thing to watch out for are people coming to ask for odd jobs or begging and especially if they walk into the compound right up to the front door.

We offered a young man, whom we didn’t know, who had come to cut grass and that night things in the garage were stolen.

Fortunately, a few things were recovered including 4 kilos of unpounded waka that was outside.

These thieves are smart.

You be smarter.

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