Canecutters forced to ration water

Ravin Raj helps his gang cut cane in Nagigi. They have rationed water for their work. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE impact of the dry season affecting those in Nagigi, Labasa has forced canecutters to ration water.

The various canecutting gangs have agreed to take two bottles of water each a day to help with their day’s supply.

Gang leader Ram Karan said they had also agreed not to take more than two bottles because water was needed more at home.

“This dry season is really affecting us and it’s not easy cutting cane in the hot sun,” he said.

“We have limited water supply in this area so the ration of two bottles is budgeted while we cut cane.

“It’s difficult but we have survived and we hope the situation improves because our children are also suffering.”

His counterpart Ravin Raj said the situation had strengthened the bond between the cutters.

“The situation has taught us to share the little supply of water we bring to the farm,” he said.

Water Authority of Fiji’s general manager customer services Sekove Uluinayau said water sources in this area had dried up because of the prolonged dry spell.

“Under the WAF’s rural water carting schedule, Nagigi settlement is scheduled for cartage every Wednesday.

Residents are urged to contact the authority on toll-free shortcode 1507 for water carting services,” he said.

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