Cane growers to receive payment next week

CANE growers will receive the final cane payment for the 2018 season on Wednesday next week.

The Fiji Sugar Corporation will pay $11.48 per tonne of cane.

FSC has to-date paid out $73.52 per tonne to farmers.

The $11.48 per tonne payment will ensure farmers receive the Government guaranteed cane price of $85 per tonne.

The Sugar Industry Tribunal has certified that growers share of proceeds for the 2018 season is $93,272,866.

Sugar Cane Growers Council CEO Sundresh Chetty welcomed the payment.

“Growers are very appreciative and it will surely boost their confidence going forward,” he said.

“The Council made representation on behalf of the cane growers to FSC for the payment to be made before Diwali and they agreed.

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