Candidate says he’s proven a point

A CANDIDATE has already proven there are opportunities for creative youths and those with the will can turn this into an industry.

This is why, Sandeep Singh says, he chose to contest the General Election.

“I proved that through the creativity of youths, people can become successful like when I staged Fiji’s Dancing Superstar. There isn’t much being done and I want to do this for Fiji,” he said.

Mr Singh said people should not always rely on orthodox or traditional ways to earn a living.

“The world has evolved and gone are the days that only traditional employment offers us things in life.

“Education remains paramount but arts and culture have the power to transform a society,” he said.

Mr Singh said, if voted into parliament, he would protect the interests of every individual in the country and provide equal opportunities and platforms which would help everyone who was willing to work hard achieve personal goals.

Explaining a little further on this matter, Mr Singh said: “I want to create an equal environment for the youths and children to develop their talents, skills and abilities for moral transformation and future leadership, have international exchange programs, provide grants and develop arts and culture.”

“I will ensure every child and youth is equally treated and ensure all efforts are made by those in power to provide economic and social equality as well as opportunities.”

Mr Singh said the reason he chose to be part of the People’s Democratic Party for the General Election was that the party’s ideals and his were similar.

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