Canadians fulfil mission

STUDENTS and teachers of Wainikoro Public School in Macuata are expected to benefit greatly from their new computer laboratory built by Canadians.

The incomplete lab was handed over to the school during a Scouts and Girl Guide camp fire night on Thursday, to be completed by the school management because of the time limitation the team faced during their stay at the school.

Mission Secondary School teacher Kevin Matheny said the 12 students and five teachers, who were part of their tour, had an exciting two weeks at the school.

Mr Matheny said students had a chance to get immersed in the various ethnic communities within the school’s vicinity.

“Hailing from the East of Vancouver in Canada the experience these students had during this week would be a life changing one for most,” he said.

“The actual plan was to get these students away from the easy urban life they were born into and get them to experience a world that is completely different from their daily experiences.

“Most of these students have never heard a cock crow in the morning or stayed in a place without full internet connectivity. It was a challenge for most of them when this trip started, but they enjoyed it when they learned how to address the issues they faced.”

Mr Matheny said they handed over the lab to the school with equipment and remaining materials needed for the completion of the lab.

Student Diablo Hannah said she had a wonderful time during her stay in the school.

Ms Hannah said she only wished she could stay for a bit longer.

Another student Emma Roberts said she liked the welcoming spirit of children and the community in Wainikoro. The team had been sleeping in classrooms at the Wainikoro Public School for the past two weeks while constructing the laboratory.

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