Calls to inspect wooden power poles for termite infestation

ENERGY Fiji Ltd has been asked to check if its wooden power poles in Lautoka have been infested with termites.

Concerned residents living in Lovu, a community located just outside the city, said they believed termites had taken over the EFL power posts that run in the residential area.

“Termites damage the inside part and what often appears to be solid wood has decayed inside,” said Lautoka Residents and Ratepayers president Narayan Reddy.

“The post could fall at any time.

“In this case, these power poles could be dangerous to the public if they collapse.”

Mr Reddy has urged EFL and Biosecurity Authority of Fiji to urgently check all wooden power poles in areas where termites have been located.

Questions on the subject sent to EFL remain unanswered.

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