Calls for change in treatment

Lawrence Borja (right) of Stella Maris in boys 100 metres event during the 2nd day of the National Games for Special and Inclusive School at ANZ Stadium yesterday. Picture: RAMA

“WE have to see the children and not the disability,” said Nadi Special School teacher and head of the Nadi team Ulaiasi Ravugatini.

Ravugatini with 48 students and 11 teachers have been part of the 2018 Fiji Council of Special Educators (FCOSIE) games which ended yesterday at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

“There is still the stigma amongst members of society where they distant themselves from these children and it effects them when all they want is to be treated like everybody else. In this day and age it is an area that our leadership should look to, in regards to children who are mentally and physically challenged.”

Twenty-two schools from Fiji’s major divisions were part of the two-day meet.

“This is an event that all children in special schools around the nation look forward too.

“It is an event that the students have all been excited about where they can come and show their individual talents of which there has been plenty seen in the last two days.”

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