Call to set up rehab centre

Drugs and apparatus seized from the raid in Naqere, Savusavu earlier this year. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJI POLICE

A FORMER drug rehabilitation clinic executive director is calling on Government to set up a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts.

Kalesi Volatabu, who used to work for Narconon — a drug rehabilitation clinic in Melbourne, Australia — said drug addicts, when on their mental drug psychosis, became volatile.

Ms Volatabu, who is now a counsellor, said the St Giles Psychiatric Hospital was like the melting pot of any issue regarding mental health.

“So literally, when we look at drug addicts or substance abuse, it is attached to the mental health institution, it is not.

It needs a separate centre literally to handle them.

“You have to understand that when someone is coming of their drugs, when they are on their mental drug psychosis, the trips they are on is quite different. They become volatile because their emotion is multiplied 20 times.

“When they hear noises, they become paranoid.”

Ms Volatabu said drug addicts were dangerous to stay around with.

“Imagine someone like that being put at the St Giles. He literally is dangerous not only to himself, but to everyone who is there.”

She said a centre set up for these drug addicts should be a healing centre for drug addicts.

“We need to look at it as a healing centre.”

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