Call to rise above politics

PARLIAMENTARIANS involved with standing committees need to be bipartisan and apolitical.

This was the comment made by Nick Goiran, the chair of the Joint Standing Committee on the Crime and Corruption Committee in Western Australia.

Speaking during an anti-corruption workshop for Pacific parliamentarians in Nadi yesterday, Mr Goiran said committees in Western Australia had flourished because of two main reasons.

“The first is to do with the structure of the committee.

“We have four members, two each from Government and the Opposition,” Mr Goiran said.

He said it was essential for all four members to get along and work together.

“The second thing has to do with culture. Set a culture and inform the members to do things in a bipartisan, apolitical way and these matters of corruption need to be above politics. Make sure that there is no capacity for any party to have a majority in the committees.”

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