Call to revive culture of reading

THE culture of reading is quickly fading away in schools.

In his recommendation to revive this, Fiji Head Teachers Association president Neumi Vola said positions should be activated in schools for librarians.

Speaking at the opening of the 19th Fiji Head Teachers Association Conference at Suva’s Civic Centre yesterday, he said librarians should be marked as a skilled worker, which would take away some burden from classroom teachers.

“We need to look at the library, the most important resource and a tool for learning now.

“We feel as head teachers that this is an important part and an aspect of tool in a school for quality education,” Mr Vola said.

“It’s important that we take out the burden from classroom teachers who are already fully loaded.

“We also hope that this will revive the culture of reading which tends to be fading away as the IT era comes along.”

Mr Vola applauded the government’s move to return the library service of Fiji back to the Ministry of Education, and the ministry’s allocation from its grant to sustain libraries in school.

But, he added, more investment should be put into library services because it was paramount in the school system today.

The head teachers conference ends today.