Call to provide services

BUS operators are required to provide services according to their timetable and must stop at all bus stops on their route.

Land Transport Authority CEO Naisa Tuinaceva issued the directive after complaints received from bus travellers in the Central and Western divisions.

“The authority acknowledges the fact that at times, there may be some delay in service delivery due to genuine issues such as heavy traffic and road accidents,” Mr Tuinaceva said.

“However, the bus operators are already aware and this is our reminder to them that it is mandatory for them to honour the conditions outlined in their permit.

“We will not hesitate to take those bus operators to task who habitually fail to provide the service they signed up for.”

Mr Tuinaceva said non-compliance with the PSV permit occurred when bus operators did not complete their trips, provided irregular services and arrived at a particular stop late or ahead of the scheduled time of arrival.

“When LTA receives such complaints from the travelling public, it conducts an investigation into the matter, and if a bus operator is found to have repeatedly failed to provide bus service on time as per the timetable, either the bus operator is issued a Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) and a warning letter, or the bus operator’s case is referred to the LTA show cause disciplinary hearing.

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