Call to protect women, children

MINISTER for Women and Children Mereseini Vuniwaqa has reiterated the need to protect women and children from increasing social ills that they’ve become victims of.

She pleaded with society to work together to help parents nurture children through life.

Her comments follow reports of increasing sexual cases being presented in the High Court in Labasa.

During a talanoa session at Natuvu Village in Saqani, Cakaudrove on Friday afternoon, Legal Aid officer Vilisoni Tuicolo informed the community that 33 cases were heard in the High Court in Labasa during the month of January.

He said out of the 33 cases, 31 were sexual related cases against women and girls, one case was related to marijuana and the other was murder.

Mr Tuicolo also said the youngest rape case in Labasa was of a three-year-old child who was allegedly raped by her grandfather.

With such shocking revelation, Mrs Vuniwaqa pleaded with the men in the coastal area of Cakaudrove to work together for the protection of women and children.

She said no one deserved to be treated with such degrading inhumane acts of sexual violence.

Mrs Vuniwaqa said despite continuous efforts to combat sex-related acts reported in our society, such crimes continued to increase.

And to combat such crimes, she said everyone needed to play a role to protect women and children.

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