Call to monitor ruggers

TOP Fijian referee Kaveni Talemaivavalagi said best refereeing should begin at the Kaji rugby competition level.

He made this statement during the Suva Primary Schools Kaji Rugby Association awards function yesterday.

The John Wesley College teacher said for them to be good at the highest level, there was need in developing them to know the rules of the game at this stage.

He was the facilitator of the Suva Kaji referees clinic for the past years until now.

“We tend to ignore this kids and concentrate on the secondary schools level, thinking they will be matured enough then to know the rules,” the Buliya, Ono Kadavu man said.

“For the tier one nation, that is a massive drawback to teach them the basics of the rules of rugby in secondary school level with professional refereeing.

“I remember an advice by top referee and referee talent development coach Craig Joubert to always give time to the young players’ rugby development.

“Refereeing is not always about money, it’s your passion to help players come away from the bad side of the law in rugby.”

He has called on relevant authorities to please consider the need to help Kaji rugby.

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