Call to improve outer island service

THE people of Lau are calling for better boat services to their islands.

Member of the Ono-i-Lau Tikina Council (Suva) Samu Tupou said shipping services to their island in the Lau Group were quite neglected.

“Many of the boat operators think it’s uneconomical travelling there maybe because of the fuel costs and so on, but it’s very challenging for most of us who travel there,” Mr Tupou said.

“The boat that services the group travels once a month and if you miss the boat, you have to wait until the next month.

“And with the coming festive season, it’s going to be overcrowded with a lot of people going over for holidays.

“We would like to see a service that operates at least once a week and we’re requesting Government to help us with this.”

He said they were even willing to partner with the Government or a business operator to fund the boat service.

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